Look what you’re doing, I’m feeling blue and lonely Would it be too much to ask you What you’re doing to me? You got me running and there’s no fun in it Why should it be so much to ask of you What you’re doing to me? I’ve been waiting here for you Wond’ring what… Read MoreRead More

Last night I said these words to my girl I know you never even try, girl C’mon (C’mon), c’mon (C’mon), c’mon (C’mon), c’mon (C’mon) Please please me, whoa yeah, like I please you You don’t need me to show the way, love Why do I always have to say “love” C’mon (C’mon), c’mon (C’mon), c’mon… Read More

I don’t want to spoil the party so I’ll go I would hate my disappointment to show There’s nothing for me here so I will disappear If she turns up while I’m gone please let me know I’ve had a drink or two and I don’t care There’s no fun in what I do if… Read More

I been told when a boy kiss a girl Take a trip around the world Hey, hey (Bop shuop, m’bop bop shuop) Hey, hey (Bop shuop, m’bop bop shuop) Hey, hey, (Bop shuop) yeah, she say ya do (Bop shuop) My girl says when I kiss her lips Gets a thrill through her fingertips Hey,… Read More

When I’m walking beside her People tell me I’m lucky Yes, I know I’m a lucky guy I remember the first time I was lonely without her Can’t stop thinking about her now Every little thing she does She does for me, yeah And you know the things she does She does for me, oooh… Read More

Anna You come and ask me, girl To set you free, girl You say he loves you more than me So I will set you free Go with him (Anna) Go with him (Anna) Anna Girl, before you go now I want you to know, now That I still love you so But if he… Read More

The world is treating me bad… Misery I’m the kind of guy Who never used to cry The world is treating me bad… Misery! I’ve lost her now for sure I won’t see her no more It’s gonna be a drag… Misery! I’ll remember all the little things we’ve done Can’t she see she’ll always… Read More

Well, she was just 17 You know what I mean And the way she looked was way beyond compare So how could I dance with another (Ooh) When I saw her standing there Well she looked at me, and I, I could see That before too long I’d fall in love with her She wouldn’t… Read More